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In an important contribution to the debate about Media Studies, Dr David E. Butler argues that contemporary Media Studies needs to deliver a critical practice curriculum that should combine history and analysis of the media; contextual understanding of technological, economic and cultural developments; and a mastery of craft-discipline and production.

I: Introduction ‘Should you consider this Utopian, then I ask you to reflect on the reasons why it is Utopian.’ – Brecht, 1932 Speaking-up for a sharpened focus on what was once fondly referred to as ‘the Project’ of Media Studies – i.e., to show things as they really are – the aim of this discussion paper is to consider the future of media curricula in respect of trends in the broader sector of arts, humanities and social science education in UKHE, in particular with reference to changing forces and relations in the economy and society. To my mind, the educational priority has to be to ensure delivery of a critical practice curriculum designed to produce makers of things (2D, 3D, 2D2), trained and qualified to a professional standard in the application of hand skills, critical skills and contextual skills.

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About David E. Butler

David E. Butler was Associate Dean in Art, Media & Design at London Met until the summer of 2012. Since then he has been operating as a consultant on projects including the development of a degree in Criminology, Psychology & Social Justice, validated by University of Sussex, and auditing the Creative Industries portfolio at UWE. Prior to London Met he was for eight years Principal Lecturer in Media & Cultural Studies at UEL and before that taught for ten years at UUC. David also completed under and postgraduate studies at Coleraine – DPhil published as The Trouble with Reporting Northern Ireland (1995). While at UUC his commitments latterly included teaching at Maze prison.


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