Centre for Media Research

Show Us the Money – Show Us the Stats

Alan Hook, from the Centre for Media Research, will be among the speakers on a panel discussing audience/consumer behaviour within converged media. Entitled, ‘Show Us the Money – Show Us the Stats’, the panel will talk about the technologies that can make useful sense of collected data and how it can affect commercial results. Other confirmed speakers include Jana Wedekind from IN2, Gawain Morrison from Filmtrip TV, Greg Maguire of inlifesize and John Farren from 360 Production.

The discussion panel is part of a half day event called Partnering for Innovation, taking place in Belfast at the University of Ulster on 16th October, beginning at 10.30.

Creative Industries KTN are hosting the event to promote the Technology Strategy Board £1.8M funding competition around ‘challenge 3’, which seeks projects that investigate the potential of Cross-Platform analytical metrics and feedback tools to help content producers better understand the consumption of their products in a converged landscape.

Admission is free. Further information is available here.


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