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Professor Sarah Edge

Senior Lecturer in Media

About Professor Edge

Sarah Edge joined the University of Ulster in 1991, prior to that she worked as a feminist exhibition curator and a live art performance artists. She has a BA in Fine Art from Portsmouth Polytechnic and an MA in The Social History of Art from Leeds University. In 2005 she completed her practice based PhD in Art and Design titled, ‘ Photography and Identities: A case Study and Related Photographic Practice: An investigation into the role of Early Photographic Representations of Working Class Women From London (1860-1865) as Represented in the Photographic Collection of Arthur J Munby’.

Research Fields

Her primary research specialism is in photography and her outputs from her research range across journal publications to creative artists photographic works. She has had a long term interests in pedagogic questions related to how media production skills and creativity can be delivered in an integrated academic context. Her research in this area can be split into two outputs. Publications that deal with this subject and research outputs that are used as examples of theory led practice in a teaching context. She also publishes in the areas of: Gender the media and the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, the cultural history of Irish and British Photography and more general feminist cultural theory. She is a member of the Association of Photographers in Higher Education and sits on the Media Communications and Reference Group: Art Design Media Subject Centre: Higher Education Academy and the Northern Ireland Sector Skills Panel.

Contact Details

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Arthur Munby- Net Art Project


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Book Sections

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Edge, Sarah (2014) ‘He’s a Good Solider, He cares About the Future ‘ : Post- Feminist Masculinities , The IRA Man and ‘Peace’ in Northern Ireland.. In: Masculinity And Irish Popular Culture Tiger’s Tales. Palgrave macmillan, Basingstoke England, pp. 195 -206. ISBN 978-1-137-30023-2

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Edge, Sarah (1995) ‘Jo Spence British Photographer 1934-1992’. In: Dictionary of Women Artists. Fitzroy Dearon, pp. 1297-1300. ISBN 1884964214

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Digital Media

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Edge, Sarah (2006) Net Art Project ‘Selective Subjective: The Historical Photograph as a Trace of History’,.

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Edge, Sarah (2011) Traces of Traces: An Exploration of the Albums of William Mckinney.. Dunree Art Gallery Buncrana Donegal Ireland.

Edge, Sarah, Crilly, Anne and Baylis, Gail (2008) London Street: A Visual Exploration. Context Gallery.

Edge, Sarah (2005) Memory Myth Photography. Context Gallaries Derry City.

Edge, Sarah (2005) ‘Le Petit Chaperon Rouge’. Riverside Gallery Coleraine.

Edge, Sarah (2005) ‘Why do we Love’ Photographic installation. Riverside Gallery Coleraine.

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