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Dr Gail Baylis

Lecturer, School of Media, Film & Journalism; Subject Director, Photo Imagining Minor

About Dr Baylis

Gail Baylis is a lecturer in the School of Media, Film & Journalism. She holds a Phd in English literature and an MA in Popular Culture.

Research Fields

Her primary research specialism is photographic theory and visual culture. Much of her work focuses on the study of the history of Irish photography with emphasis on the effects of the reproduction of historical photographs for the formation of memory cultures.

Contact Details

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+44 (0)28 7012 3363


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Baylis, Gail (2015) Boy culture and Ireland 1916. Early Popular Visual Culture, 13 (3). pp. 192-208.

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Edge, Sarah and Baylis, Gail (2004) Photographing children: the works of Tierney Gearon and Sally Mann. Visual Culture in Britain, 5 (1). pp. 75-89.

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Book Sections

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Baylis, Gail (2017) The Easter Rising 1916: Photography and Remembrance. In: Irish Studies and the Dynamics of Memory. (Eds: Corporaal, Marguerite, Cusack, Christopher and Beuken, Rudd van den), Peter Lang, Oxford, pp. 57-79. ISBN 978-3-0343-2236-2

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Baylis, Gail (2007) Imagined Narratives: photography and the construction of diasporic cultural memory. In: Rethinking Diasporas: Hidden Narratives and Imagined Borders. Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. 20-30. ISBN 1847181961

Baylis, Gail (2007) Technologies and Cultures: Robert J. Welch’s Western Landscapes 1895-1914. In: Framing the West: Images of Rural Ireland 1891-1920. (Eds: Breathnach, Ciara), Irish Academic Press, pp. 77-96. ISBN 978 0 7165 2873 9

Baylis, Gail (1996) Prose and the novel 1573-1830. In: Introducing Literary Studies. Prentice Hall/ Harvester Wheatsheaf, pp. 201-230. ISBN 0-13-355223-3

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Edge, Sarah, Crilly, Anne and Baylis, Gail (2008) London Street: A Visual Exploration. Context Gallery.

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Conference Items

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Baylis, Gail (2014) ‘Boys dressing up: the visual performance of masculinities and Ireland 1916’. In: Femininties and Maculinities conference, Lisbon, Portugal. Inter-disciplinary.net.

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