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Dr Colm Murphy

Head of School Media, Film and Journalism
Director of Northern Ireland Skillset Media Academy

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About Dr Murphy

He lectures in media law, investigative journalism, journalism practice and interactive journalism. He has won several national awards for journalism and written a number of investigative documentaries which topped the ratings on Irish television. The University’s MA Journalism, on which he teaches on, was rated best performing accredited National Council for the Training of Journalists course in the UK in 2009. He writes for The Sunday Times and Timesonline and is a regular contributor to television and radio programmes in the UK and Ireland. In the University he is responsible for links between industry and the School of Media, Film and Journalism in research, short courses and curriculum development. He has degrees in finance, a masters’ in interactive media and postgraduate qualifications in European law, planning law and higher education teaching.

Research Fields

His primary research area is on the development of the digital media industry internationally and how states can influence its development. He has conducted research for state enterprise bodies, governments and leading international media companies in the area. His other research area is information access for the public and media. He has lectured internationally in this field focussing on Freedom of Information issues.


Best performing National Council for the Training of Journalists course in the UK, 2009.

Professional Affiliations

Association for Journalism Education.

International Association for Media and Communications Research.

Contact Details

Office I138
+44 (0)28 7012 3130

Books Authored

Number of items: 2.

Murphy, Colm (2012) Policymaking for Digital Media Growth. Faculty Global. Dublin. 158 pp ISBN 978-0-9572847-0-8

Murphy, Colm and McConnell, Daniel (2006) Murphy C, McConnell, D (2006) The Sunday Times Guide to Secondary Schools in Ireland. Penguin, ISBN: 1844881326.. Penguin. 336 pp ISBN 1844881326

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Number of items: 2.

Murphy, Colm (2013) Making Freedom of Information Work; An Evaluation of an Interactive Approach To Teaching Journalism Students How To Use It Effectively. , n/a. pp. 1-10.

Murphy, Colm (2001) The Case for Irish Newspapers Entering the Interactive Digital Market.. Irish Communications Review, 8. pp. 50-58.

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Book Sections

Number of items: 4.

Murphy, Colm (2014) FOI in Northern Ireland: Wide ranging FOI requests, sent in by lazy journalists, who will not do any work!. In: FOI 10 years on: freedom fighting or lazy journalism?. Abramis Academic Publishing, pp. 161-165. ISBN 978-1845496463

Murphy, Colm and Rowntree, Milne (2014) McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists – 22nd edition. In: McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists. Oxford University Press, pp. 428-432. ISBN 978-0-19-967910-2

Murphy, Colm (2012) Murphy, C. (2012). Business Journalism. In: Turner, B. and Orange, R. Specialist Journalism. London: Routledge. Pps 20- 30.. In: Specialist Journalism. Routledge, London, pp. 20-30. ISBN 0415582857

Hazelkorn, Ellen and Murphy, Colm (2002) The Cultural Economy of Dublin in Ireland Unbound: A Turn of the Century Chronicle, Sociological Chronicles. In: Ireland Unbound: A Turn of the Century Chronicle (Sociological Chronicles). (Eds: Corcoran, Mary and Peillon, Michel), Institute of Public Adminstration, Dublin, pp. 119-131. ISBN 1902448693.

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