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Dr Daniel Jewesbury

Lecturer in Film

About Dr Jewesbury

Daniel was born in London in 1972. He is an artist and a writer on art, in addition to being a lecturer and researcher at the Centre. Primarily working in film and video, he has exhibited internationally, in exhibitions and film festivals. He has been a central figure in the Northern Irish contemporary arts scene for nearly 20 years, founding and directing a range of arts organisations and festivals as well as being one of the North’s most influential and prolific writers on art and culture.

Research Fields

The many dimensions of public life, and the threats to them in the perpetually-regenerating, neoliberal city. Particularly public space, and the ideological uses of public art, as well as the forms in which it is still possible to ‘be public’, are of interest. Daniel has also written extensively on the links between experimental film and documentary, and on the historiography of Northern Irish art.


Daniel studied Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, graduating in 1996. He began his PhD studies in the Media Studies department at Coleraine in 1997, completing in 2001.

Professional Affiliations

Co-editor, Variant magazine (www.variant.org.uk)

Contact Details

Office I141
+44 (0)28 7012 3326

Books Authored

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Jewesbury, Daniel (2010) Infantile CIty, Inside – Outside. Likovni Besede / Union of Slovene Fine Arts Associations. Ljubljana, Slovenia. 79 pp ISBN 961924818X

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Books Edited

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Jewesbury, Daniel, ed. (2010) The Centrifugal Book of Europe. Belfast. 154 pp. Centrifugal. ISBN 978-09556395-1-7

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Jewesbury, Daniel (2012) Belfast – Our Time, Our Place. Edinburgh Review, 136. pp. 92-103.

Jewesbury, Daniel (2009) Some problems with ‘research’ in UK Fine Art institutions. Art & Research, 2 (2). pp. 1-3.

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Book Sections

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Jewesbury, Daniel and Tuck, Sarah (2015) A Dialogue on Cultural Precincts: “Teeth Wil Be Provided For You”. In: Creative Cities: Vision & Execution. (Eds: Doyle, James E and Mickov, Biljana), Routledge, London, pp. 69-82. ISBN 9781472449870

Jewesbury, Daniel (2015) The constitution of a state yet to come: the unbroken promise of the Half-Proclamation. In: Making 1916: The Material and Visual Culture of the Easter Rising. (Eds: Godson, Lisa and Brck, Joanna), Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, pp. 49-56. ISBN 978-1-78138-122-9

Jewesbury, Daniel (2013) On the Real and the Visible in Experimental Documentary Film. In: Truth, Dare or Promise: Art and Documentary Revisited. (Eds: McLaughlin, Cahal and Pearce, Gail), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, pp. 66-77. ISBN 1-4438-4959-6

Jewesbury, Daniel (2010) Nothing Left. In: Where are the people? Contemporary Photographs of Belfast, 2002-2010. (Eds: Downey, Karen), Belfast Exposed Photography, Belfast, pp. 38-45. ISBN 9780952421702

Jewesbury, Daniel and Porter, Robert (2010) On Broadway. In: The Centrifugal Book of Europe. (Eds: Jewesbury, Daniel), Centrifugal, Belfast, pp. 34-53. ISBN 978-09556395-1-7

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Digital Media

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Jewesbury, Daniel (2010) NLR.

Jewesbury, Daniel (2009) Gilligan.

Jewesbury, Daniel (2009) Irish Lights.

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Jewesbury, Daniel (2014) Looking at the Woman in a Bomb Blast. Ulster Museum, Belfast

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