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Northern Ireland: ‘a pleasingly blank canvas for regeneration’?

Urban regeneration in Belfast is the subject of an article just published by Dr. Phil Ramsey, a graduate of the Centre for Media Research. Entitled “‘A Pleasingly Blank Canvas’: Urban Regeneration in Northern Ireland and the Case of Titanic Quarter” it looks at how the site on which the Titanic was built has been redeveloped as an area for tourism, business, education and the creative industries. He considers its development using a significant inflow of private capital, with the additional support of local government and public finance. In the article Phil takes a critical look at how these economic and political forces have coalesced in Belfast to the point that the violent period of the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland can be said to have created a ‘pleasingly blank canvas for regeneration’.

The article is published in Space and Polity and can be found by clicking here. Coming in its wake is the forthcoming Culture, Economy and the Contemporary City symposium in Belfast on the 20th September, where participants will be discussiing how the contemporary city ceaselessly trades on and monetises its culture as commodity. Phil’s article makes an important contribution to than on-going conversation.

Phil Ramsey is currently Assistant Professor in Digital and Creative Media
in the School of International Communications, The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China.


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