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New game to promote tourism in Northern Ireland

Think you know Northern Ireland? Experience it like you’ve never experienced it before.

MYNI is a pervasive game developed as part of continuing research into media and playfulness as a form of audience interaction. The game has been developed to help promote regional tourism and civic pride in the 6 counties of Northern Ireland and will launch as part of the NI2012 campaign for the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

The game will last 6 weeks and see participant compete to complete tasks across Northern Ireland. Participants will be asked to document their achievements by uploading photographs of their activities, tagging them to a map of the region. Tasks are developed in two categories; site specific locations in all 6 of the counties and tasks that could be completed anywhere in the region.

This project is developed to test methods of crowdsourced media for public bodies such as the Tourist Board, and to encourage specific behaviours in the participants.
MYNI was design by Alan Hook to investigate how play mechanics can be used to encourage civic pride, promote internal tourism and engage in the places and spaces of a region, helping to foster new contexts and memories for some spaces which have previously seen minimal tourist engagement and dwell time. It has been developed by Blue Cube Interactive and sponsored by NITB as research into the gamification of tourism, and the potential power of crowdsourcing content and aggregate data.
Register for information at www.ni2012.com/myni

The game will launch in October 2012


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clare accommodation
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Ireland is a great country to visit and now is even getting ahead of the curve when it comes to technology to!

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