Centre for Media Research

Inventing Space and Place in the Post-Conflict City

Daniel Jewesbury and Robert Porter, of the Centre for Media Research at Ulster will be speaking at Culture, Conflict and Post-Conflict Symposium on the September at the British Academy in London. Organised by the AHRC, they will be part of a panel exploring temporality, memory and history.

Daniel and Robert have been investigating the space of ‘post-conflict’ Belfast for a number of years. One of the key aims of this on-going research is to begin to develop a multi-disciplinary and comparativist methodology capable of critically engaging with the economic-political forces that shape the contemporary urban environment. This short presentation will outline, in broad brushstrokes, their current research on Belfast, work undertaken in preparation for their new book: Belfast: Inventing Space and Place in the Post-Conflict City (Intellect, 2015).


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