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Images of the post-conflict city: Belfast through Situationist spectacles

Situationism and the post-conflict city will the subject of a talk given by the CMR’s Dr. Robert Porter at the Huston School of Film and Digital Media in Galway on the 13th September. Dr. Porter will be joined by Belfast-based artist, Daniel Jewesbury, who will be exhibiting and talking about some of his own films. Together they have been investigating the space of ‘post-conflict’ Belfast for a number of years, seeking to develop a multi-disciplinary and comparativist methodology capable of critically engaging with the economic-political forces that shape the contemporary urban environment.

Daniel Jewesbury’s, an ‘old boy’ of the CMR, will show some of his recent film work, in particular NLR and Gilligan, explaining how he sees these films as dramatizing and critiquing the contemporary ‘post-conflict’ city.  Robert Porter will then open out the discussion by speculating how their collaborative research on Belfast can be productively described as ‘situationist’ in inspiration and, more importantly, in practice.

The talk starts at 2.30pm on Thursday 13th September in Main Room Huston School, National University of Ireland, Galway

For further information visit the Huston School website.



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