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I can say this with absolute certainty. I was there.


Snapshot 1 (24-02-2014 16-40)The controversial events of Bloody Sunday in Derry 1972, the miners’ strike of 1984 and the Hillsborough football stadium disaster 1989 are explored in an multimedia installation entitled, I can say this with absolute certainty. I was there.

The piece is the work of local artist, Sue Morris and the Centre for Media Research’s, Greg McLaughlin and Stephen Baker, and it explores the domestic consumption of eyewitness testimony and official propaganda. It situates this consumption in the everyday setting of the kitchen and alludes to the public/private oppositions and contradictions that the stated events provoked for those both directly involved and those who received information about the events in highly mediated contexts. The exhibition runs from 4 March – 23 March at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast, with an opening Reception: 7pm, Thursday 6 March. 

Supported by The National Lottery through the Arts Councilof Northern Ireland

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