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Deleuze and the Humanities @ the CMR

The contribution of Deleuze to the Humanities will be the subject of a one day symposium hosted by the Centre for Media Research. The event will bring together a range of Deleuze scholars to talk about the broad significance of his work from a variety of perspectives; feminism, performance studies, aesthetics, philosophy, politics, film studies, anthropology and cultural theory.

The symposium will consider the institutionalization of Deleuze within certain sectors of the academy, and the consequent authorial branding of Deleuze and Deleuze and Guattari within a burgeoning academic marketplace. These developments imply, or bring into focus, a range of related issues or problems for scholars working in the humanities. For those scholars who have not yet encountered Deleuze’s work, or those perhaps provoked or increasingly curious about how a Deleuzian metalanguage is being translated and used in their scholarly disciplines and forms of practice, the most immediate question may simply be; ‘why Deleuze’?

Among those presenting at the symposium are Dr. Patricia MacCormack (Anglia Ruskin University), the author of Cinesexuality (2008), and Dr. David Martin-Jones (University of St. Andrews), author of Deleuze and World Cinemas (2011)

The symposium will take place on Saturday 3rd November, at the University of Ulster’s Belfast campus in Room B82D23 at 12pm-7.30pm.

For further details contact Dr. Robert Porter: r.porter@ulster.ac.uk





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