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The contribution of Gilles Deleuze to film scholarship will be the topic of a paper given by Dr. David Martin-Jones of The University of Andrew’s at the CMR’s Deleuze and the Humanities symposium on 3rd November.

Dr. David Martin-Jones

As Dr. Martin-Jones explains, when Deleuze’s Cinema books first began to be discussed in Film Studies in the early 1990s, they received patchy entrenched opposition, balanced by a more general disinterest. This was due to numerous factors, the most significant being perhaps the “turn to history” which the discipline experienced in the early 1980s, and a backlash against the hegemony that film theory had held in the 1970s. But by the 2010s, the situation has changed dramatically, with a groundswell of interest in film-philosophy being fuelled in large part by the momentum gained by Deleuzian film scholarship. The growing interest is something that Dr. Martin-Jones has demonstrated through the online database Deleuzecinema.com which has users from over eighty countries.In his paper, Dr. Martin-Jones will explore two of the ways in which Deleuze provides a meaningful contribution to the discipline. Firstly he will explore the opportunity that a critique of Deleuze’s often Eurocentric conclusions provides for us to consider the aesthetic and cultural distinctiveness of different cinemas from around the world, in terms of their expression of time and movement. Then, in the context of the post-Cold War spread of contemporary world cinemas, he considers how Deleuze’s concept of the time-image can add an often-absent historical and geopolitical dimension to our understanding of ethics in cinema.Dr. Martin-Jones is the author of Deleuze, Cinema and National Identity (2006), Deleuze Reframed (with Damian Sutton, 2008), Scotland: Global Cinema (2009), Deleuze and World Cinemas (2011), and co-editor of Cinema at the Periphery (2010) and Deleuze and Film (2012). He is on the editorial boards of Deleuze Studies, Film-Philosophy and A/V: Journal of Deleuzian Studies, and he co-edits the Continuum monograph series Thinking Cinema.

The one day symposium will be held at University of Ulster’s Belfast Campus, York Street, in Room B82D23 at 12pm-7.30pm.

For further information contact Dr. Robert Porter at r.porter@ulster.ac.uk


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